How can you not be angry right now?

Are you not on my side? Be on my side!

I used to get angry.

So angry that, for a long time, my closest secret was how afraid I was that I’d kill somebody over road rage or something, and go to jail for the rest of my life

But I eventually learned that anger can only take control of you if you let it.

It’s not easy to do. I have to be on constant alert. To listen to my body and mind always.

Am I tired? Am I hungry? Did something happen where I was treated badly? Did I have a bad experience at work?

These are the tinder that anger feeds upon.

I also learned that just because you are feeling an emotion, that doesn’t mean you have to act upon it.

There is a lot of power in recognizing what the lizard parts of our brains are doing.

A guy cut me off in traffic, but that doesn’t put me in any danger. There’s no shortage of road and he’s not trying to kill me. Anger is not useful here, lizard brain. In this case it is better to show compassion – be glad that you have the opportunity to be kind to someone. Be happy that somebody asks you for something, and you can give it to them freely. Maybe this person is having a bad day and this gesture is exactly what they need?

We cannot know the truth, so let’s not pretend that we do.

Instead, let’s put our best foot forward at all times.

In darkness, be the light.

In mean times, be kind.

Be the person you wish you had access to, growing up. To show you how to be.



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