Another successful week in the books

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to unwind from the daily grind. Let’s start waking up that creative part of our brain that has been lying dormant. For me, what helps is looking at some photos. Here are some of my personal photos that I’d like to share with y’all.

If you enjoy what you see, please consider following and sharing! I love sharing the photos I take and I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Let’s go have some fun!


Here is a nice shot from San Francisco I like. The day was foggy and I like how the bridge disappears into it. When I see it I remember the cold, and the birds squawking, and how the cyclists were so annoyed by people walking in the bike lane. I can’t blame them!


This was in Seattle or Vancouver, I can’t recall! I have a bad memory for location 😦 But I remember the fish market where people throw fish, and I remember how we saw dolphins gracefully glide out of the water briefly, and how it seems like there’s never an end to how cities grow.


However, Solvang is unforgettable! Beautiful location if you and if you have the chance to go, I’d highly recommend it. It’s near Santa Barbara, CA. large population of Dutch shops and people.


This was at the top of the Seattle Space Needle – the blur effect causes it to look like a collection of miniatures – cool!


This happy chef statue is outside of a downtown Riverside antique shop. He wants you to come inside and buy some things!


Beautiful downtown Vancouver. I love how crowded everything looks here – there’s no wasted space, and yet it is a beautiful mixture of old and new that somehow makes everything look fine.


Here is a flower that says “Notice me! I am more different than the others!” So I did notice it.DSC_0020 (2).NEF

Anyway, I think that is a good chunk of photos for this week. I hope they helped you unwind a little bit, and I hope you’re breathing a little easier. Now, I will leave you with some last thoughts as we wind up the week’s finale.

Creativity and artistry come from within, but exist as a relationship between ourselves and the world external from us.

It’s like holding hands with another person. In this position we are vulnerable. We can feel the tension in the other, the temperature and dampness of another’s palm, and the strength of which they hold our grip. Through this we can infer many feelings and emotions. Art and creativity are very similar, in that we do it and don’t really think about the level of depth something so simple can provide.

From this, I recognize a framework for creativity – form and function. There’s the physical component of what we do and create, but then there’s everything else that adds meaning and value.

This is extremely relevant for photography. Taking a picture of something arguably isn’t art. In it’s most basic form, it is a physical, two dimensional representation of a physical object.

But if you look beyond the physical form a photograph takes, you now exist in the realm of infinite potential, and your only limit is how far you are willing to continue this path.

Kind of like running. The only minute that matters in running is the next one. However many minutes that came before it doesn’t dictate however many minutes come next. You choose when to stop, and there’s no right or wrong answer.

Thank you for your time and I hope this excited your own spark in some small way.

I wholly believe that you have artistry and creativity within you.

Too often we don’t get the chance to relax enough to let that spark decompress and fly back into the sky where it belongs.

But a world in which anything is possible exists

If you let it



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