Education Re-imbursement

img_20190428_094837“Do they offer any kind of tuition reimbursement? I’m thinking of going back to school once I get settled in.”

“No, but there’s a retention task force that was established to reduce turnover. I don’t think any of their ideas have been implemented, but the possibility is there.”

If I’m there for 3 years, that should be enough time for them to get their senses together to offer tuition reimbursement. How could they not want their own employees to strive for better? Even if they were locked into employment for a while, it seems like an easy win/win situation.

…. 3 years later….

Wow, they really aren’t going to change, are they? Not one single change.¬†

I went back to school anyway. I decided that I will pay for it. But then I took a chance that did not work out well for me – I asked if the business would be willing to partially fund my MBA. My manager set me straight –

“Look, literally every person that I know who starts their MBA left their job for another one.”

“If your work quality starts to drop because of your classes, then we’re going to need to have a discussion.”

And then I was set back into the water, a small rope through my gills anchoring me to the shore. Enough to keep me alive. Just enough.

But there’s something they don’t know about me.

Something they should know.

I don’t give up easily.





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