What I want, 2019

img_20190129_073941Four months ago I wrote this, because knowing you’re unhappy isn’t good enough. You have to identify what you want. But it’s not that easy. What we think we want can actually just be a means to an end, or just a piece of the puzzle. I’m posting this because in the future I want to interrogate each one, and have a better understanding of why I think I want each line.


I want to:

Practice good health techniques (physical and mental)

Be happy at work

Have an active voice in the direction of the company I work for

Have my voice heard when my company does something that I do not agree with

Hold the people who run this company accountable for the health, happiness and sustainability of its employees

Be honest when I say something

Think of everyone here as part of my team

Feel that the company cares that I am an employee

Feel as though other people work as hard as I do, even though it may be on other projects

Trust that my coworkers aren’t fucking around for half the day

Trust my manager to do what’s best for our team

Feel that my CEO deserves to be my CEO

Feel that my manager deserves to be my manager

Have others treat me the same way I treat them

Feel that I am contributing to something larger than myself

Feel that I am helping shape the future

Have defined goals that I am trying to reach

Have someone who has “been there, done that” to give me advice

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