Burrito Day #2

img_20190108_170847The only change I made to today’s “Burrito Day Friday” campaign is that I made the font size 20. Nobody even glanced at size 12 font, and it was silly of me to assume they’d get close enough to read it.

I didn’t spend as much time watching people’s reactions, but the difference became readily apparent. People would either walk by without looking at it, or they’d look at quickly and walk by, or they’d look at it as they were walking by, then come back and read the whole thing. In groups! And when one group stopped, that would cause other people to stop! There were looks of “Why is this here? what is this?”

I stayed out there for only five minutes. I have too much work to keep standing out there, looking at people. I need to do something different to monitor the success of my marketing campaign.

I also need to decide – ok, I can find my audience, but what actually am I trying to do that’s measurable?

If I include a #burrito hashtag, I could measure social media presence, but these are all older folk and nobody is going to be tweeting my burrito poem.

If I could measure the number of burritos sold, that would be good because then I could calculate lift, but yep that’s out of the question because i don’t have access to kitchen data.

I could set up a camera and monitor viewer traffic, but that’s the most expensive and unrealistic way. Fuck.  Well, I’ll think of something.


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